Technical Analysis

We analyze, optimize and improve processes to make them efficiently and more target orientated and to ensure sustainable success. Thereby we do not only provide concepts and solutions on paper but we implement them in accordance, if required ...


We are pleased to support in the realization of individual projects in the technical sector and we implement our specific knowledge target-orientated and efficiently. Our scope of service is focused on individual requirements of our customers ...


We are a service provider driven by passion. We have been supporting hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the field of engineering since 2001.

Small Map Engineering analysis, recovery management, large appliances tendering, framework contract, imaging in a non-profit hospital Investment planning medical technology, engineering analysis, technical interim management, project management construction and optimization, framework contract imaging in a hospital with maximum care Framework contract imaging, engineering analysis for a hospital with maximum care Long-term technical company, management of diverse construction and investment projects, tendering, occupational safety and fire protection in a non-profit hospital Diverse optimization, tendering and consulting projects in medical and housing/ operating technology for a municipal hospital owner with 9 locations Technical analysis, diverse optimization and conversion projects, personnel selection for a private hospital owner with more than 10 locations Technical analysis, implementation of key topics, personnel selection for a municpial hospital with specialized medical services Optimization and technical interim management as well as medical full-service tendering for a municipal hospital owner with 2 locations

Let our references convince you.


So far over 500 projects in hospital engineering in more than 100 hospitals are a proof of our experience and the customer satisfaction.


Our projects are as unique as our clients. We endeavor to find always the best possible solution for every specific requirement of a project.


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Regardless of whether you are a student or about to start off into a job or you are professionally already experienced - we provide career opportunities for those who deserve them. We look forward to meeting you personally.