Human resources, team and organisation development

We see the human resources development as an elementary component of the organisation development. In particular, due to profound changes in the health care sector, a systemic and strategic approach is required. Systemic for us means that we do not only accompany the change process in operational and organisational structure but also qualify executives, teams and operational units for future sustainable performances. Change processes include a “change of attitude” with each individual and promote the collective structure positively, the personal competences and the working behaviour as well as the team cohesion and the teams` working ability.

Targets of human resources, team and organisation development

  • Adaption to technological and market requirements
  • Securing of necessary professional and managerial structure
  • Recognition and preparation of young executives and specialists
  • Greater independence of external labour markets
  • Improvement and maintenance of professional and personal qualification
  • Increase the willingness to accept changes
  • Detection of key qualifications, potentials, wrong choices and deficits
  • Agile behaviour (change acceptance) and acceptance of the diversity (e.g. interfaces)
  • Willingness to innovate

Improvement of competences

  • Cooperation capability
  • Communication capability
  • Motivational capability
  • Conflict and critical ability