Medical Engineering

What is the status of your medical equipment? Are all devices optimally utilized? What may be the investment for the next few years in your medical facility? Is repairing a device for continued use worthwhile or buying a new one now? Which device does the user really require? We analyze, compare and develop concrete assessments and feasible recommendations for action – depending on what strategic objectives you have set for yourself. We are not planners of facilities, but we focus on the specific query concerning the actual requirements from the perspective of management and bear in mind primarily the follow-up costs and the integration of systems and equipment into the clinical or technical processes. We will guide you in identifying the strategic targets, the design and accompany the tender process for medical equipment including its introduction and launch phase.


We will support you wherever you need professional and independent counseling:

  • Structure and process quality
  • Compliance with the legislation governing Medical Products and other provisions concerning Medical Technology
  • Image processing (Radiology)
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Stop omissions and organizational encumbrances
  • Outsourcing medical engineering maintenance
  • Technology partnerships: Investments and management in one
  • Tender process for maintenance services or total management
  • Tenders process for large equipment


We will develop individualized solutions for your requirements based on our solid expertise and years of experience. We shall be happy to guide you.